Forehead Lift

Patients who desire a brow lift may have noticed the effects of age, gravity, exposure to sunlight, and the stresses of life all taking their toll on a person’s face. Muscles and other tissues may slowly begin to droop, causing the patient to look tired or sad. Such factors may affect an individual’s confidence, leading them to seek a browlift with Dr. Perry Jr.

A brow lift can help such individuals restore youthful vibrance and energy to the face. The effects of time are virtually undone to restore an individual’s face and to remove many of the effects of time and aging. Such effects are achieved by removing a portion of and tightening the muscles and other tissues that are causing the skin to droop. This not only helps to restore the physical appearance of the patient, but also restores self-confidence and respect to the patient.

A brow lift is a very individualized procedure in which your goals should be realistically determined and discussed with your plastic surgeon. Together you will determine what specific procedures will be performed. A brow lift is often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a face lift, rhinoplasty, or eye surgery. Once your goals have been determined you will set a date for this procedure and will be given instructions about how to prepare.

When the date for your brow lift has arrived, you should plan on the surgery taking several hours or more depending on which procedures you are having performed. There is no set procedure for how a brow lift is performed as each individual’s brow is different and may have different requirements. Plastic surgeons use either the classic method or the endoscopic method to tighten the brow. While these procedures differ slightly, both involve incisions placed in the hairline so they will be less visible.

The skin is moved upward and excess tissues are removed that previously caused drooping. The brow line is then set in place and secured so that it can heal. All procedures are performed with anesthesia to minimize any discomfort or pain.

Recovery will usually require a few days and a week to ten days should be allowed before returning to work. The endoscopic procedure usually has a quicker recovery time and less negative consequences than the classic method. Discuss with Dr. Perry Jr. which procedure is best for you.