What is Morpheus8?
Morpheus8 is a unique non-surgical treatment that pairs radio frequency with micro-needling. Together, heat is delivered safely and effectively to the deepest layers of the skin continuously stimulating collagen production for months after the treatment.

Where is it used?
While Morpheus8 can be used on any area that can benefit from sub dermal renewal, the areas most often treated are the face and neck. This treatment is excellent for addressing wrinkles, discoloration, acne scars and overall skin texture.

Is it a one time treatment?
For optimal results we recommend three sessions spaced out in 5-6 week increments, however, patients can choose to do single treatments.

What is the downtime?
Unlike other laser resurfacing treatments that can require a week or more downtime with scabbing and peeling, Morpheus8 is typically one or two days with a slight redness that can be covered with makeup on day three. We recommend you moisturize the treated area post procedure and avoid direct sun exposure. Sunscreen should be used daily especially after a treatment when your delicate skin is healing.

Who can benefit from it?
Another unique benefit of Morpheus8 is its “color blind technology” making it safe for all skin types. This includes darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick IV, V and VI) that are often told to be cautious of laser and RF treatments because of possible pigmentation issues.